Cleaning gutters professionally is a fantastic approach to generate extra cash without a good deal of start up investment. It’s also an excellent add-on service for an existing company i.e. window cleaning company, landscaping company, or property maintenance company. What you have to do to set yourself apart as a real professional but not simply a neighborhood kid, will understand the finer points of gutter cleaning.

1) You need to see to it that you are not denting the customer’s gutters with the ladder of yours. The easiest way to do this is to line the ladder of yours up with the gutter hanger. These supports are evenly spaced down the length of the gutter to give it support. If you set the ladder to far down from one of these supports, you ladder will bend the gutter.

A better way, however, is to make certain the ladder does not even touch the gutter. By using ladder stand-offs, the ladder will rest on the roof instead of the gutters. I suggest using a stand off called the Ladder Max. It’s the only standoff designed to become posted on the roof.
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Two) You have to make sure you don’t leave gutter debris all over the customer’s property. A number of business enterprises will use leaf blowers to blow out the gutters. This tends to work if the contents of the gutter are dry. Nevertheless, once you have blown all the dried leaves out, you have to make certain to rake everything up and cart it out – either to a different location or even to a compost pile with the homeowner’s permission. I like to scoop out the gunk by hand (wearing rubber gloves, of course) and putting it straight into a bucket. I wouldn’t recommend spraying out the gutter with a pressure washer since it is going to make way too big a mess – gunk stuck to the edge of a customers house will not lead to future business.

3) Checking to make sure the gutter’s downspouts are functioning is key. The downspouts are the tubes running down the side of the home carrying the rainwater down and away from the roof. The true professional flushes these out with a garden home to make sure water can flow through. Another point to think about is the wire mesh guard at the top of the downspout. These guards strain the water ensuring the downspout does not get clogged by debris. If it’s lacking one, make sure to change it. I always carry extra downspout filters in the van of mine for this reason.

4) Offer gutter whitening as an extra service. Conventionally, the term gutter cleaning refers to clearing out the inside of the gutter. But the external part of the gutter also requires cleaning – just for aesthetic reasons, however. The outside often gets coated with greenish algae and/or stripes of black algae known as “tiger striping.” The simplest way to clean these is with an extension pole as well as a soft bristled brush. I mix up a bucket of water and simple green and dip the brush head into the bucket, I then get to up and scrub the exterior gutters with the brush. Finally, I rinse the gutters off with a hose. Some gutter cleaners use a specialty item for this such as “gutter zap” or even “gutter grenade.” I have used bleach in the past, but problems could happen when you’re cleaning gutters over a wooden deck – the bleach is able to drip and discolor the wood below.