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Business Website: The Smartest and Cheapest Investments Your Business Needs

Jan 222015


Your business might have started out as something small. You may have only wanted to influence your immediate surroundings and community. Most large corporations started on even smaller scales. Google and Apple both started out as garage endeavors that have mutated into industry behemoths that are now household names.

Now, you may not have the same goals as these giant companies. But your business still has goals, nonetheless. And whatever those goals may be, setting up an online presence is going to be one of those endeavors that will take your business from absolutely determined to brazenly successful.

1. You cast a bigger net. Paying for advertising boards will only get you exposure to people who pass by your advert. That’s a pretty small net because that exposure depends on the time of day, the day itself, the foot traffic in the area and other uncontrollable variables. Setting up your business website will not only get you exposure to people who pass by your ads, but also people who pass by everyone else’s ads. Why? Because there’s a very high chance that these people have computers. You reach out to more prospective clients through the internet compared to any other traditional advertising and marketing strategy conceivable.

2. That net you’re casting is very cheap. All you need to get started is a basic knowledge in website design and a host. Both can be attained for free. There are many online sites such as W3Schools which provide tutorials and examples to those who want to learn the art of website design. You can even get certificates from the site to prove your proficiency. As for hosting, many sites offer you the chance to code in your page like and There’s a goldmine of free slots for you to take.

3. This net is never coming out of the water. Once you set up your website, the visitors and clicks and views and invitations and clients will have access to your content non-stop. You don’t even have to be online the whole time to receive new business. With a website, you will have hired the most hard-working and affordable employee you will ever know: the internet. This employee doesn’t get sick, doesn’t need breaks and doesn’t need free coffee and will still work for you round the clock.

4. This net is sparkly. Your best content and presentations and pitches will be on that site for as long as you need. That means you won’t have to keep on presenting the same powerpoint over and over again. The internet will do all of that for you.

With all of those benefits, it’s hard to give in to the one drawback to setting up a website: which is time. You’ll need time to learn web design, time to learn how to interpret your statistics and learn how to present your content to you public. But with all the time you’ve already spent pushing your business to this point, a few more days on the computer to set up your business website seem like such a small price to pay for the fast-track to success that you’ve been waiting for.

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Jan 142015

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