Identifying a Good and Reputable Compressor Parts Manufacturer

23 March, 2015

If your business depends on the optimal operation of your compressor, it is important that you always have the right parts on hand to make sure that your machines are functional at all times. If your compressor is running throughout the day on a regular basis, you need to have a dependable compressor parts manufacturer to back you up as you never know when you will need to get additional parts.

Your parts manufacturer should be trustworthy enough to provide you with different parts options, including OEM-specification parts, and handle all your concerns in-house. It must also offer a wide selection of part materials such as thermoplastic and metal parts. Other machine parts you may need include buttons, springs, valves, plates, as well as peripheral parts for your compressors. Simply put, the manufacturer should be able to supply you with all the parts you may need for you compressor anytime you need them.

OEM parts are sometimes difficult to find, especially when you need them for emergency repairs. Although there may be alternative aftermarket parts you can use, they cannot match the reliability of OEM parts 100%. Likewise, your machines may not function the same way when aftermarket parts are used. Thus, an ideal parts manufacturer must be able to fabricate parts down to the smallest OEM specification details.
The main reason you, as a business owner, turn to parts manufacturers is because you want someone who can make the parts you need, when you need them. It is therefore important that the provider you choose can do everything in-house – from the design process to construction. This way, you have an idea on how your order is being prepared, and who handles it.

You want a manufacturer whom you know can correctly handle your parts needs. If your parts provider cannot always deliver your orders on time or if it fails to get your orders right, then it is time to move on and find another parts supplier.

To sum everything up, the ideal manufacturer of your compressor parts, i.e. PMJ Intertnational must offer you with lots of parts options, can fabricate OEM-specification parts, is trustworthy, and does everything in-house. If your business relies heavily on your compressor, then you better make sure that your parts supplier will not fail you, especially in times of emergency. It is therefore recommended that you take your time in looking for a reliable parts manufacturer to partner with.


Mommy Makeover in New York

23 March, 2015

Motherhood is a great experience. It brings so much joy and fulfillment. But, it also results to stubborn fat deposits and sagging breasts. This is the reason why mommy makeover is a growing plastic surgery trend.

A mommy makeover is basically a set of procedures done on women to restore their post-pregnancy bodies.

A growing number of women in New York go through mommy makeovers, but it is getting more and more popular all over the world as well. Women in New York have a growing need to look good and feel good.

When you choose surgeons to perform your mommy makeover in New York, you have to pick the one who has an excellent reputation. You also need to pick the one who puts your privacy, safety, and comfort above everything else. It is also important to choose a surgeon who has a highly credible and skilled staff.

Here are some of the common procedures that you will go through when you decide to have a mommy makeover in New York:
1. Breast lift – This procedure is done to reposition your breasts, giving them a more youthful shape and position.

2. Liposuction – Most women have a hard time getting rid of stored fats after giving birth. So, it is often necessary to remove the excess fats in the hips and thighs. This is to ensure that your hips and thighs are in proportion with the rest of your body.

3. Tummy tuck – This is done to remove the excess skin and fat in the abdomen. This procedure is also done to tighten the muscles to achieve a tighter and a flatter tummy.
New York is a hub of many skilled surgeons see So, it is not difficult to find one who can take care of your needs. But, it is important to do thorough research before you decide to go under the knife.


Ordering your elliptical machine online for home use

03 February, 2015

It's 2015 and we all know we should be at least trying to become a little fitter! A great option, is choosing an elliptical online for your home.

Where to start?

Good question, I would always recommend looking at a review site online. Here's a good guide - - take a look!

Check the video


How to Increase Your Brand Recognition

02 February, 2015


In this day of technology, online presence is often associated with brand awareness. Marketing experts say that presenting your product or your service online is the first step to increase brand recognition. Here are some of the ways that can help you increase brand recognition online and offline.

1. Invest in good logo.
You have to be consistent in such a way that your branding strategy for your offline marketing is congruent with your online advertising strategy.

Logos 4 Polos are a good example of this, a lot of their marketing is offline and they needed a strong Logo that works well across all forms of marketing, especially printable for their staff at trade shows etc.

2. Invest in Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click.
To increase your online presence and to increase brand recognition, you have to invest in SEO or search engine optimisation. This is a strategy employed to make your website visible in the search engine results page.

3. Try social media marketing.
One of the powerful ways to increase brand recognition is to utilize social media for marketing. You can also use social media to increase your website traffic.

4. Create quality content.
If you want to make the most out of your social media channels and website, you have to create quality and engaging content. This will encourage your consumers to continue visiting your website.

5. Provide value.
Remember that “word of mouth” marketing is still the best way to market your product so you have to invest time in creating something that is of value. It is important to exceed customer expectations.

6. Provide excellent customer service.
You know why Starbucks is miles ahead of its competitors? Three words – excellent customer service. Customers will always remember how they are treated when they are in your store or premises. If you have an online business, make sure that customer inquiries are answered right away.

7. Establish yourself as an industry expert through “how to” videos.
One of the powerful ways to increase brand recognition is to post “how to” videos in YouTube. This will help you increase brand recognition. This will also help you establish yourself as an industry authority.

8. Build a Facebook group.
To increase your interaction with your potential customers, it is best to build a Facebook group. A Facebook group, unlike the Facebook page, can allow your customers and potential customers to freely share ideas and posts. This is also a great venue to stage marketing strategies such as Facebook contests.

9. Use email marketing.
You can increase and maintain brand recognition by sending valuable emails and information to your clients regularly. Remember that if you do not stay in touch with your clients, they may forget that you exist.

We agree here at USHC, EmailOctopus are our new email marketing provider (and free). Check them out before they roll out their monthly plans.


Branding Your Business Online

29 January, 2015

Branding your business online in this day and age is super important. In a crowded market it can be hard to stand out, this is when your branding is vital to success.

You need to adapt, if you're not adapting constantly - you will be left behind. in 2015 Social Media will only grow, making sure your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. match is also just as important. These change sizing dimensions constantly and a good guide can be found here.

OMG! Entertainments do a great job of this. Their branding is outrageously good, photo booth hire is a crowded market and OMG! have rocketed their brand into the biggest UK supplier, from pretty much just their branding and Social Media presence.


Being consistent across all platforms is the key here, offline and online.

Get some inspiration and craft your brand to be a market leader!


Local Area Marketing

28 January, 2015

Effective branding is crucial for a business to gain recognition, and for it to thrive in today’s competitive market. For a small business that is just starting out, the best strategy to employ in order to strongly establish its branding is to focus on the local market. Local area marketing involves identifying with the local community and implementing marketing opportunities that target individuals, groups, the local media, and other businesses in the community.

There are a number of cost-effective strategies that can be employed to jump-start local marketing, gain recognition, and pique the interest of consumers. One way to create buzz for a small business is to host a kick-off or annual event showcasing one’s best products. This is not only an excellent opportunity to promote the business; it is also a good way to stay connected with local customers.

Hire a company to do local SEO marketing in your area, Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise known as SEO is a great way to push your product or brand to a targeted audience. So if you're in the South-East hiring an SEO in Essex such as Bulldog is a great asset to your marking strategy who will listen and put together a plan to get your website out to as many people as possible.

Another strategy is to partner up with other local organisations in the community. If one is into the catering business for example, serving for school functions will have the business known to many and will also make the business known as part of the community. Local PR (public relations) is also important and is most effectively carried out through the local news — such as the newspaper and local TV channels — and social media. Nowadays, social media holds much promise in terms of advertising because it enables one to reach out to a very wide range of consumers. Then again, word-of-mouth remains the most credible promotion for a business in the local setting. Thus, a business should always aim to provide top-notch customer experience to be able to get good recommendations from the people in the community.

A proactive and sustained local area marketing strategy will increase brand awareness and will promote the business as a dynamic entity with a significant role in the community. A small business that consistently meets unique local needs and tastes and provides quality customer service can easily become a part of local culture, and establish a cultural identity in the community. Strong local brands easily have the homefield advantage as they bring the nostalgia of being a brand that the locals grew up with. When a local brand is firmly established, it will be tough for a new brand to win over local and loyal customers who have grown up with their beloved brands.

Business Website: The Smartest and Cheapest Investments Your Business Needs

22 January, 2015


Your business might have started out as something small. You may have only wanted to influence your immediate surroundings and community. Most large corporations started on even smaller scales. Google and Apple both started out as garage endeavors that have mutated into industry behemoths that are now household names.

Now, you may not have the same goals as these giant companies. But your business still has goals, nonetheless. And whatever those goals may be, setting up an online presence is going to be one of those endeavors that will take your business from absolutely determined to brazenly successful.

1. You cast a bigger net. Paying for advertising boards will only get you exposure to people who pass by your advert. That’s a pretty small net because that exposure depends on the time of day, the day itself, the foot traffic in the area and other uncontrollable variables. Setting up your business website will not only get you exposure to people who pass by your ads, but also people who pass by everyone else’s ads. Why? Because there’s a very high chance that these people have computers. You reach out to more prospective clients through the internet compared to any other traditional advertising and marketing strategy conceivable.

2. That net you’re casting is very cheap. All you need to get started is a basic knowledge in website design and a host. Both can be attained for free. There are many online sites such as W3Schools which provide tutorials and examples to those who want to learn the art of website design. You can even get certificates from the site to prove your proficiency. As for hosting, many sites offer you the chance to code in your page like and There’s a goldmine of free slots for you to take.

3. This net is never coming out of the water. Once you set up your website, the visitors and clicks and views and invitations and clients will have access to your content non-stop. You don’t even have to be online the whole time to receive new business. With a website, you will have hired the most hard-working and affordable employee you will ever know: the internet. This employee doesn’t get sick, doesn’t need breaks and doesn’t need free coffee and will still work for you round the clock.

4. This net is sparkly. Your best content and presentations and pitches will be on that site for as long as you need. That means you won’t have to keep on presenting the same powerpoint over and over again. The internet will do all of that for you.

With all of those benefits, it’s hard to give in to the one drawback to setting up a website: which is time. You’ll need time to learn web design, time to learn how to interpret your statistics and learn how to present your content to you public. But with all the time you’ve already spent pushing your business to this point, a few more days on the computer to set up your business website seem like such a small price to pay for the fast-track to success that you’ve been waiting for.

Welcome to USCH-Online

14 January, 2015

Welcome to USCH-Online, the online marketing blog founded by Steven Ward.

A digital marketing expert based in New York, Steven has worked with a whole host of companies with their marketing needs.

USCH-Online will feature content from a number of marketers from all corners of the to give their insight into the world of digital marketing.


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